Helping people help people – Help them reach the heart of their customer.

Everyone wants to improve their lives in some way. Marketing messages reaching to them, right in the middle of their needs, wants, desires, allows them to trust you, their answer in their quest for answers and deliverance.

So, how can I help you?
Any copywriter can write information about you and your company. And they/I should do it well; with proper SEO, good spacing, clear layout, easy to read fonts…

What can I do for you that others don’t?
Dedication and passion in getting to your heart. What benefits you? What benefits your customers?
It’s not about us. It’s about them!

What are your customer’s dreams, desires? How will they feel when they use/buy/experience what you have to offer?

People want to feel better, feel more respected, feel passionate about themselves, be better.

Do you want to just sell them a program or do you want them to see themselves as an invincible life-warrior?

You and I get to dive into their persona, what makes them tick, then provide those juicy benefits you are uniquely set up to give them, in droves.

Writing, writing, writing. In school mostly. The usual term papers, budgetary proposals trying to convince upper management to do or buy something worthwhile. Occasionally, something that actually allowed me to express myself.

In Police work for decades, the demand for reports, proposals, organized sections of Department Orders, kept me writing in a different way. It was fun. But…

There was something missing. What was it? Oh yes, life. All of that writing was sterile, pointed and relatively lifeless. There were hearts to reach, lives to influence and change for the better, emotions to undergird. How can all these things be taken care of?

Well written copy, directed to the individual. Even if there are ten million people to reach, each person deserves the personalized attention of their wants, their needs, their desires.

Copywriting can do this for them and for you.

Imagine if you will how many things need to be written. There is copy for:

  • Website Home pages
  • Emails
  • Businesses communicating with other businesses
  • Structuring Landing pages for e-commerce sites
  • And the list keeps growing!

What are your pain points?

• Are things moving well, but your email response rate could use a boost?
• Do people know how much you’ve improved lives, bottom lines?

A well-written case study with pertinent testimonials demonstrates that you are reachable, touchable, having your client’s interests at heart.

Writing that touches, inspires. From someone who has written from both sides of the emotional equation. Do you need copy? Do you want your webpage to perform better? Rank higher? Of course you do. We all do.

Investing in this arena of copywriting, I received certification as a Certified Copywriting Professional from the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI). I also received professional training in and can provide a website content review (Some call it a website content audit)

One thing all web writing or direct mail writing does is convey how you can solve a problem, meet a need, show a prospective customer why you are the answer, the beacon in the night. We write to people. People have needs, emotions, problems, desires. How can we help them?

Well written copy answers those dreams and desires and helps a person get what they want or need. This is what I am excited about helping you achieve. And this is why I chose the copywriting route.

There is great excitement waiting to be had in working with you and helping you deliver a new life, new approach, new vistas for your customers.

I’ll enjoy getting to know you and finding out how I can write for you so the person on the other end is excited and rightfully expects great results from your product or service – effective copywriting in an interesting and compelling way using better words to get better results.

Let’s show them they are better off with you than without you.

If you’re interested in increasing sales and your impact, I can help you with good copy written right.

Vince Olech



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