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Hi and thanks again for visiting my site. In this section I’ve included some samples from spec assignments, training assignments (Which may be fictitious companies, etc but designed to mimic a “real world” project.)

They’re fun and show a variety of copywriting needs in this industry.

Short, email prompt with up to 75 words of text.

Unlock your best workout with the Amitus Elliptical trainer.

  • Sleek design with multiple functions and adjustments let you customize every workout.
  • Multi-function display with goal tracking and 22 programs, let you set and keep track of your progress.
  • Innovative and comfortable: weighted flywheel for easy starts and smooth workouts.
  • Articulating and cushioned floorplates.

Your body will love how this elliptical trainer fits into your life, propelling you to greater fitness levels in your own home.

This next sample was a letter appealing to a friend, with the idea of inspiring him/her to come with the author on a special food outing, a favorite place to indulge in tasteful goodness.

Uncle Jones Nothin’ Mo Better – Your Taste buds Will Thank You

As Uncle Jones Himself would say — “Smell Will Bring You In/Taste Will Bring You Back”

Hey Mitch,

I’m glad you’ll be in town for a few days. I’d like to invite you to a special eating extravaganza.

On the side of a busy intersection, just North of Orlando, FL, under a canopy connected to an old red building, a huge barbeque smoker is pumping out the most delectable aroma ever. It drifts across the road and cars slow down; the drivers intoxicated by it. From around back of the smoker comes a happy man, pulling pound after pound of his now locally famous barbeque from that giant drum.

The founder and proprietor of Uncle Jones Barbeque Nothin’ Mo Better – Uncle Jones!

His hearty laugh echoes under the canopy. He loves making barbeque and he really enjoys how people from near and far make a special trip just to taste this down-home goodness.

You’ve tried industrial run of the mill barbeque from “name brand” places…better barbeque from specialty joints…even some from high falutin’ hotel restaurants claiming it’s really good…but you have never experienced barbeque that satisfies through and through.

But don’t just take it from me. Check this out from a long time Uncle Jones customer.


“Nutin mo better! I’ve been getting BBQ from this place since I was a kid, some 50 years ago. One thing that’s been consistent is the BBQ is delicious!”

It’s what I’ve been telling you.

The aroma invades your senses, causing involuntary watering of your mouth…the tenderness in your first bite is immediately followed by rich smokehouse permeation coupled with something that can only be described as…heavenly.

How do they do it?

  • Is it the carefully monitored temperature for hours and hours in their wood-fired slow cooker?
  • Is it the handpicked cuts of meat and personally chosen ribs – known for their sizeable meat to bone ratio?
  • Is it their personal attention to every step in the process?

It’s all of that and — a secret blend of spices and herbs – their rub – hand applied to every piece of barbeque.

Their secret rub is unique in the barbeque world. No one has been able to duplicate its flavor or intensity. The secret is maintained by Uncle Jones and his family and they ain’t tellin’ nobody.

The meat comes off the bone with the lightest pull. It’s juicy and your lips can’t help but pass it along to your waiting mouth.

You want to chew but you also want to let your taste buds soak for just a little bit longer; savoring that…flavor!

There must be something very special in their formula, because when you are so full, that your stomach says it can’t take anymore, you just can’t stop eating.

You remember Mike and Brenda right? Guess what they demanded I bring them in the hospital after Brenda delivered twins? That’s right!

Uncle Jones Barbeque Nothin’ Mo Better

Hospital food just could not compare nor could it compete with the desire Brenda had for mouth watering deliciousness.

And who was I to argue with a couple after they – Brenda — just spent 24 hours – in labor.

Of course, she made sure her twin boys were fed, cleaned up and taken care of in the nursery.

But she was HUNGRY and not just for any ole dinner either, it had to come from Uncle Jones.

The way she described the smoky aroma and how it made her mouth water — the special rub on her favorite ribs she said made her mouth quiver — I found myself bobbing my head in complete agreement and my stomach flexed and twisted, growling audibly just listening to her passionate description of exactly what she wanted.

You should have seen the look on their faces and the moans of food-loving ecstasy. It not only tasted out of this world, but filled their room with that smoky pleasurable goodness only the finest barbeque can.

And this weekend is Uncle Jones’ 50th anniversary of serving only the finest barbeque.

In honor of this momentous event – this one time in the history of his barbeque establishment –he is giving away free all-you-can-eat rib buffet dinners for the first 50 people that come this Saturday after he opens at 5 p.m.

Just think, not only will your mouth get to experience explosions of pleasure but will get to do it for free when we go this Saturday.

I’ll pick you up at 4 so we’ll have enough time to get there and be the first in line when he opens at 5 for dinner.

I know, I know, you’ve heard me talk about Uncle Jones for a while now. And Yes, I know you’ve said you are under impressed with barbeque…so far.

But…look at it this way…you’ve agreed to fly into town and we were planning to go out and eat anyway. Let me take you to Uncle Jones’…and let’s enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Let’s enjoy a masterful presentation of down-home barbeque goodness. If your mouth doesn’t crave and demand that you keep eating, and if you aren’t the least bit tempted to extend your stay for one more trip to this icon of smokehouse pleasure; I’ll pay for all your meals til you leave to go back home.

What?! That’s right. I know I haven’t been this forward with food ever but think about it…free food…and it will leave you figuring out how to get back over and over again.

And if not? — Nothing to lose — Heck we’re eating for free on Saturday and – If you’re not pleasantly overwhelmed — You get to eat…again and again — for free.

Yes, I am that excited myself for partaking of this goodness.

So, call me when you get in, I’ll pick you up at 4, we’ll get over there before 5 and both dive into bite after bite of Nothin’ Mo Better.

See you Saturday,


P.S. Check this out – If Brenda’s aggressive desire didn’t quite convince you.

Todd Keller

“Some of the best old school barbecue in Orlando, and that’s coming from the son of the Fat Boys barbecue founder, and the original founder and owner of Keller’s Bar-B-Q, good stuff.”

P.P.S. Looking forward to a great night of waddling back to my car…if we can walk.