Will You Be My Friend?

Talking to people in ads, cover letters, landing pages, sales letters and the list goes on.

So, how do we do it genuinely, with enthusiasm, directness? How do we write as though our potential clients are our best friends?

Have you ever been camping or hiking? Have you ever “discovered” the coolest trail just off your campsite that leads to a wonderful haven holding the perfect pond and picturesque climb?

(If you haven’t, imagine that you have – all of the smells, sounds, sights, relaxing among the trees…)

While at your site, there are other campers and they talk about their love of hiking/camping, too. Well, you just have to share about this amazingly awesome trail you discovered this afternoon – right next to your very campsite.

How would your conversation go? What would you say? We won’t get into the nuts and bolts of a conversation here but suffice it to say you would be excited.

Not only that, your conversation would be casual, comfortable and fun. After all, you’re there enjoying the great outdoors together in a communal environment, soaking up nature.

When you share what you discovered, everyone is intrigued and wants to see those same things, too. Why? It’s the love of the adventure, but more importantly, it’s because you have a camaraderie, a high comfort level with each other, a familiarity stemming from your love for camping.

Did you know it’s that easy to tell a story for a potential client or customer.

What is the point of motivation? That’s what we’re after. Not when they’re already deep into discovery about a particular purchase. While we can retrieve someone from that or guide them down a different path…if we can get them and/or show them a unique idea, get them to think in a certain direction from the beginning of their journey, voila.

How do we build the story?

Back to our camping friends. Sitting around a fire, having something to eat, or warming ourselves, talking about our day.

What about our BIG idea? With camping it’s our cool and awesome path? The big idea in a sales letter is one leading to a greater adventure, a better solution, removes pain, reinforces someone’s importance to themselves.

There ‘ya go. How do we talk to people we don’t even know like that?

That’s where studying and demographics, data, what someone in the particular position needs, wants, wants to accomplish…

We develop a persona. Once we feel familiar with that person; what they want to buy, eat, drive, what motivates them to do what they do, then we envision ourself with them, out and about; eating, buying, learning, growing.

And today with the internet and the explosion of ideas, trends, personalities, it can be even easier to see and read what motivates people. They are putting themselves out there for all to see. Take the time and read and learn.

We don’t always have to rely on “cold” data. We can get real time life goals, dreams, dislikes, cravings, happiness, from the very people we are trying to reach. They are talking, are we listening? Are we watching?

We can get to know them quite well. We can envision ourselves with them and like a good friend offer them tailor made directions, solutions for their life, their purchase, their well-being.

Then we can start writing.

We think about them, we feel what they feel and we write to one of our closest friends. When we do, they can’t help but read what we’re writing. They want to know what it is; what’s at the end of that path up the hill and between those two mountains awaiting us. Something beyond what they imagined this morning when they woke up.

The big idea, the point of motivation.

We have the solution. We have what they need. What we need is for them to read what we have to share and stay engaged long enough to be blown away by all of the goodies we offer.

When they read, we are just like them. It could sound like a conversation on the phone, over lunch, at the camp site. As we write, we see them saying, “Yea, that’s what I was thinking”, “That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for…”

Take the time to dive deep into our newfound friend’s mystique, their persona, what makes them tick. You might even find you’re having a blast at the same time. You might even start to write as if you’ve known them for years. Hallelujah!

Enjoy all of your new “friends” as you write and engage with them on wonderful journeys.

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