Hi, and yes, I’m a freelance copywriter. A freelance copywriter using words to convey that personal touch. Reaching the hearts of people with marketing messages helping them improve other’s lives.

I use words because words are personal. What is said and how it is said affects people. It doesn’t even matter if it’s for business; you project a personality online. So, it’s always about people, because people are the ones making the decisions for their companies.

What can copywriting do for you? How can copywriting improve your life? How can it improve your client’s life?

You’re here because you want to increase your business. As a website copywriter I can help you create or improve your unique voice online. Whether it’s website copywriting, article research and writing or even SEO copy.

Good copy reaches more prospective clients and shows them they are better off with you and your product or service than anywhere else.

Good copy – the kind written by a professionally trained copywriter – is required for you to succeed. As a freelance copywriter I do my best to be easy to work with. Why? Because there are so many varying needs across the spectrum. And there are different dreams and desires for you, the website owner/manager.

A review of your website can help you plan your content and how to market it. Perhaps you need blog articles or regularly sent emails. Layering all of the different parts together gives you professionally prepared copy which will…

Attract customers – Build rapport – Offer proof – Eliminate doubt – Lead to purchasing what you have to offer.

Well written and well executed content transforms you — convinces your readers you are someone they can get to know and trust and develop a relationship with.

There are a number of ways to do this:

Business to business marketing – Business to consumer marketing – Case studies – Email promotions…

Maybe you’re just looking for a new teaser for a direct market piece or headline for an email campaign. I can also proofread your current copy for accuracy and flow.

Contact me to set up an appointment and let’s find out what I can do to help you. If I’m not the right copywriter for you I’ll do my best to help you find one (or more) who is the perfect fit for you. A freelance copywriter improving people’s lives.

I don’t charge for the initial contact. Call or send an email.

Here’s to your success,